The fires of 2017 necessitated a comprehensive review and high specification upgrade of the entire security system taking place in 2018.

  • Estate Security is outsourced to Phangela Security, a leading security company based in the Garden Route providing Static Guarding, Rapid Response and Residential Security Solutions.
  • There are three available Access/Egress gates, with only one accessible after hours. This is managed via the Visitor Management System where all non-residents are screened and their car and ID details scanned and stored on arrival. Home owners access via Biometric finger print recognition. A mobile App, Entry Pro, allows residents to manage their visitor access/egress.
  • The perimeter of the Estate is fully secured with state-of-the-art, fibre-optic linked, military grade CCTV camera technology combined with a blend of electrified and non-electrified fencing. Advanced detection of any human crossing a no-transgression line triggers an automatic alarm to both the guard house and a third independent party.
  • The security staff members are all qualified according to industry standards and receive continual training in Evacuation Procedures, Bomb threats and Medical Emergencies.


Fire risk management


Whale Rock Ridge adheres to a comprehensive approved Environmental Management Program, with a section relating to fire risk management.

  • Whale Rock Ridge has its own self-contained fire trailer including a water tank, pump and fire hoses.
  • Clearly identified stand-up fire hydrants.
  • A “fire station” with fire trailer, protective clothing, hoses and other firefighting equipment.
  • The security guards, estate staff and volunteer homeowners attend fire fighting training sessions.
  • Annual fire evacuation drills are practiced under the supervision of volunteer homeowner fire marshals.
  • The effectiveness of our fire risk management was demonstrated during the last huge fire that swept through our area in 2017.